Our Solution: SmartMPI™

SmartMPI is a solution that identifies potential duplicates with extraordinarily high accuracy, providing detailed analytics and a way to address the duplicates. SmartMPI solves for the problem with probabilistic record linkage using machine-learning.

The solution is comprised of:

• A proprietary machine-learning algorithm that is run on the data set to identify matches, group them and generate an EMPI.

• A Web-based application that has a drill-down dashboard and reporting capability to show the analytics to the end users.

• An API that can be hooked into a PM/EMR/EHR at the time of the end user interaction with the system, notifies the user of
the correct (“Survivor”) record (while showing the group) which can then be selected within the PM/EMR/EHR system.

• As data is added/changed in the system, the SmartMPI solution continuously refines itself and updates the scores as needed.

End Result: Healthcare organizations can use SmartMPI for identification of problem records OR can integrate it with workflow to eliminate mismatches or select the correct patient record at the time of service.