HSBlox brings patient-centric solutions to the healthcare ecosystem, combining machine learning and blockchain (distributed ledger technology) to address the healthcare industry’s demand for secure, real-time information sharing and interventions. To support value-based care programs, HSBlox deploys smart contracts to automate multi-party transactions, such as bundled payments and patient referrals. The proven technology enhances the provider, payer and patient experience throughout the care continuum, driving better outcomes for each healthcare stakeholder.


RevBlox™ proactively evaluates and scores claims using a combination of machine learning and rules-based edits—prior to clearinghouse or payer submission.  With enhanced denial management and claims correction, costly rework of claims is eliminated.  RevBlox™ clients benefit from improved coding accuracy, time to revenue, and significantly decreased administrative costs.


CuraBlox™ is a complete episodic payment administration workflow solution.  CuraBlox™ enables self-administration for Risk-Bearing Providers (RBP) to receive episodic payments from contracted Payers, orchestrate episode workflows, enable visibility into and notification of episodic activities, and report required quality incentive measures.


HSBlox’s SmartMPI™ is a machine learning solution that identifies potential duplicates with extraordinarily high accuracy, provides detailed analytics, and a way to address duplicates within the workflow.  SmartMPI™ from HSBlox solves for the problem with probabilistic record linkage using machine learning.


A proprietary integration tool, Acceligrate™ provides single-connection API services for companies looking to integrate with Hospital Information Systems, Practice Management Systems, and Electronic Medical Records.  Acceligrate™ hides the complexities of different versions, different schemas, different back-end databases and lack of standardization — by presenting the data using the same set of APIs, regardless of the back-end system.


Advanced Referral Manager automates the referral administration process, providing unprecedented transparency of referral status and workflow via an administrative dashboard, as well as secure patient medical records exchange.  ARM™ connects referring and rendering providers, patients, and Payers.


QualBlox™ enables centralized administration of quality reporting programs.  With the ability to configure metrics across multiple programs and participants, Payers and Providers mutually benefit from an integrated solution that automates data extraction and reporting from multiple sources. QualBlox™ eases the administration of, and participation in, value-based incentive programs.

Underlying our solutions, the SETU Platform:

SETU (Simplified Exchange and Transparency for Users) - The HSBlox distributed ledger technology (DLT) aka "blockchain" platform of microservices for powering HSBlox solutions. Combined with the workflow of our solutions, this is how HSBlox solves healthcare ecosystem challenges associated with the administration of value-based and population health programs---and why we are different.

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