December 05, 2022 1 min read

To find sustainable success in Value Based Care, we need digitized data and analytics at the individual patient journey level. Only then can value-based care realize it’s potential of reducing costs and improving care outcomes.

CureAlign® is a platform that pulls all the data together across 18 different data ontologies, digitizes it, standardizes it, and attaches it to an EMPI to create a Patient Longitudinal Health Record (LHR). It makes it possible to synthesize data sources of different kinds, address their inconsistencies, help identify errors or misreporting and seamlessly integrate credible new feeds. Likewise, when sending data out to different systems – the platform is flexible to provide it in the format those systems expect it to be.

Watch our video to learn more on how our data engineering framework can help you in your VBC journey.

HSBlox Data Engineering Framework from HSBlox, Inc. on Vimeo.