About Us

Architects of Successful and Scalable Solutions for Value-Based Care

Our platform and solutions solve for complex and critical issues in the administration of value-based programs associated with alternative payment models.

Our Mission

Empowering healthcare organizations with the tools and support to deliver value-based care successfully and sustainably.

Our Role

Supporting the successful administration of value-based healthcare programs with smart, secure, scalable solutions that operationalize complex contracts and simplify communication between stakeholders.

Our Goal

Building a stronger society by enabling patient-centric approaches to healthcare that are focused on and incentivized by lasting holistic outcomes.

Who We Are

HSBlox is an Atlanta-based team of healthcare and financial technology professionals. Leveraging our experience in healthcare, fintech, and digital supply chain – we design and deliver solutions that facilitate the future of value-based programs and whole-person healthcare.

Management Team

Rahul Sharma
Chief Executive Officer
Lynn Carroll
Chief Operating Officer
Karthik Kanakaraj
Enterprise Architect
Deepti Sharma
Senior Vice President, Product Mangement
Eric Young
General Counsel
Mohan Badkundri
Vice President, Development
John Layne
Director, IT

Advisory Board

Carl King
Amol Bapat, MD
Michael Roach


At HSBlox, we work hard, play hard, and ensure four key tenets for our employees:

Remuneration – We take care of our employees and ensure that our salary packages are above the market rates.

Learning – We invest heavily in employee training and on-the-job learning. Feedback, focus, and peer learning play a key role. We invest in cutting edge technology and tools so our team has the best opportunity to contribute in their field of interests, aligned with corporate goals.

Flexibility – We understand the value of having our employees balance their work and personal life. We encourage adopting a schedule that ensures this objective can be met.

Work environment– We attract and hire great talent to achieve our objectives and promote an atmosphere where everyone learns from each other and contributes towards the success of the company.

HSBlox Offers:

  • Competitive Compensation and Health Benefits
  • Paid Holidays and Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Health Reimbursement Accounts, Flexible Savings Accounts
  • Employee Discounts
  • Wellness Programs
  • 401(k)

Let's Connect!

If your organization is considering adopting or has faced challenges with implementing value-based care, connect with HSBlox.