Primary Pain Points/Problems HSBlox Solves:

  • VBC contract modeling & analysis
  • Timing and reconciliation (keeping money and
    data straight)
  • Hampered by legacy systems (not built for VBC)
  • Need for streamlined value-based
    administration solution
  • Scalability of value-based programs
  • The ability to onboard/manage data and funds

    (many-to-many, hierarchical structures)

  • Administer multiple programs within a single solution
  • Need for timely communication with providers
  • Permissioned data sharing amongst stakeholders
  • Accurate and timely population attribution
  • Contract performance transparency


  • Decreased costs and improved member experience
  • Solution purpose-built for VBC (with contract modeler)
  • Integrates with existing systems/infrastructure
  • Easy implementation/onboarding
  • Operational scalability
  • Multiple payment modalities (ACH, Card, Digital Currency)
  • Real or near real-time communication
  • Longitudinal health record
  • Localization and globalization support
    (multi-lingual, datetime, timezone, currency)
  • SOC 2 TYPE II and HITRUST audited

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