Value-Based Administration

The VBC Journey

As the healthcare industry’s shift to value-based care (VBC) continues to gain momentum, there is an increasing demand for complex hierarchy support for onboarding, data capture, digitization and exchange. These capabilities are key components to realizing the promise of VBC and facilitating a sustainable move to whole-health patient care.

Equipped to meet payers, providers, and patients wherever they are on their value-based journey, our comprehensive platform supports a wide variety of payment models with end-to-end administration.

Key Components of a Successful Value-Based Healthcare Ecosystem:

  • Broad access to care for everyone
  • Payment models that reward health improvement over volume
  • Leadership and professionalism of healthcare workers
  • Robust infrastructure that supports complex hierarchies, data capture and sharing needs
  • Unified, permission-based access to patient LHRs

Partner onboarding, scaling of contract operationalization, and permissioned data sharing are necessities for alignment of medical, social, behavioral and environmental components of successful value-based program administration and high-performance networks that confidently deliver on whole-health patient outcomes.

Our platform provides a fully integrated, purpose-built digital health infrastructure for administration and scaling of value-based care programs, with end-to-end management of:

  • Population Attribution – The program-eligible population
  • Contract Modeling & Analytics – Model, build and operationalize financial terms and service inclusions, automate payment and reconciliation
  • Stakeholder Management – Onboard program partners and participants
  • Performance Reporting – Address financial and quality reporting requirements
  • Communication & Engagement – Patient and care team messages and notifications

Hierarchical VBC Funding, Data Sharing and Performance Reporting

  • We support the hierarchical structures of Fee-For-Service (FFS), Pay-For-Performance (P4P),Capitation, Episodic, Shared Savings, and globalTotal-Cost-of-Care (TCC) models
  • CureAlign® is flexible for segmenting the contractual nuances, while reporting outcomes and overall financial performance in an up-to-date manner

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