April 27, 2022 2 min read

ATLANTA – April 26, 2022 – HSBlox, a technology company empowering healthcare organizations with the tools and support to deliver value-based care (VBC) successfully and sustainably, today announced Release 3.5 of its CureAlign platform.  CureAlign enables healthcare organizations to administer value-based programs, including network build-out, contract administration, permissioned data exchange and payment.   

CureAlign 3.5 further automates contract administration, combining its Contract Builder and modeling capabilities with its Contract Library for seamless deployment of value-based programs. Along with CureAlign’s one-of-a-kind hierarchical approach to VBC participant onboarding, alternative payment models can combine global reimbursement programs with episode-specific arrangements to deliver unparalleled transparency in pursuit of the Quintuple Aim for healthcare improvement.

In the article Hierarchical Payment Models—A Path for Coordinating Population- and Episode-Based Payment Models (Shrank et al., 2022), the authors highlight the value of hierarchy, noting, “A complementary approach could be accomplished if the payment system is hierarchical, with the population-based model’s global budget serving as the umbrella of accountability under which episode-based payments are applied.”

As the shift to VBC continues to accelerate, program participants can also leverage Contract Builder to configure permissioned data exchange, ensuring timely patient status and notification across stakeholders.

“Scaling of VBC programs requires a purpose-built infrastructure to address the nuanced complexities of population attribution, analysis, timely information sharing, and performance reporting,” said Rahul Sharma, chief executive officer of HSBlox.

CureAlign enables onboarding of the required hierarchical relationships associated with risk-bearing contracts and the required payment models.  Risk-sharing arrangements and payment disbursement are easily managed and scaled on the platform  – where legacy systems and traditional approaches have failed.

About HSBlox

HSBlox solutions assist healthcare stakeholders at the intersection of value-based care and precision health with a secure, information-rich approach to event-based, patient-centric digital healthcare processes  – empowering whole health in traditional care settings, the home and in the community.