April 07, 2022 1 min read

Podcast: Scaling Value-Based Healthcare Programs and Contracts

Empowered Patient Podcast with Guest HSBlox COO Lynn Carroll


HSBlox COO Lynn Carroll spoke with Karen Jagoda of the Empowered Patient Podcast about the critical challenges in scaling value-based administration solutions to work with legacy systems, so they can successfully provide data and performance metrics to determine and improve outcomes for payers and patients.


"As we think about the overall landscape of healthcare that traditionally has been on a fee-for-service basis, the legacy systems on both the payer and provider sides have been geared toward billing and transactional mechanisms. Submitting claims and getting paid based upon those claims is a very fragmented approach,” Lynn explains. “The ability to operationalize these value-based programs with the legacy system is a challenge.” They go on to discuss these challenges in depth as well as the role artificial intelligence, social determinants of health and more.


For their insights, click here to listen to the full discussion or download a transcript: https://empoweredpatientradio.com/scaling-value-based-healthcare-programs-and-contracts-with-lynn-carroll-hsblox